Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ohio Here I Come!

I am going to Ohio! It is so cool. It will be the first time I travel abroad without Lena. My second time in the USofA, first time I went to Seattle to visit James and watch Obama win the election.
It is so exciting, I have never been to the Midwest. It is supposed to be very hot there during summer. Maybe I need to shave off my fur? I am packed already, have been for a while. I've got some dollars and a list of yarn to get for Lena at Joann's. I wanna try some typical cuisine for Ohio and oh please can we go to were Tecumseh was born. Lena loves him. She would have killed to walk in his foot steps just for a second.
But the best thing will be to see Kelly and her family. And to hang out with the Lassen girls. They are always a hoot to hang with, never a dull moment.
I can't wait!
Oh and James, if you see this and wanna come over... Let me know. I am kind of near where you live.

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